Published Ports - Input reordering

Is there a way to reorder Published Port Inputs?

If not a drag and drop or key + mouse drag might be a useful UI addition at some time.


Currently you can reorder published ports by:

  1. unpublishing, deleting and re-publishing them, or
  2. opening the .vuo composition file in a text editor, finding the PublishedInputs line, and changing the order of the <Port>Port\r text in the label="…" section

So, yeah, an easier way would be nice.

I’ve converted your discussion into a feature request, and opened it for community voting.

Thanks, low priority but a useful UI addition.

I think that since Vuo has subcompositions functionality it’s needed to change the priority of this feature :) Now we can save compositions as nodes in library, so editing them and changing order of published ports is much more often used…

+1, I’ve spent so much time rearranging the last days

Chosen to be implemented.

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Great news that this request has been chosen. feels bad when I don’t plan ahead accordingly and have to republish all the ports if i missed one that I want at the top.

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Feels bad when you find out vdmx treats vuo comps as a custom UI. And you can re-order your vuo control surface in vdmx. sigh, need to grind more votes heheh

Released in 1.2.6.