Pulling in online data

Is it possible to pull in online data to effect or control a composition, for example, weather data, or how many people search a term or phrase on google etc.

I’m not a coder but I’d like to do some data visualisation and am trying to find an example comp so I can see how to do this. Any help welcome,

Thanks guys,
I just moved over from Quartz Composer and loving VUO, fascinating little program. Well done!

If the data is provided in the form of an RSS feed, you can use the Fetch RSS Items node. (See example composition Display RSS Items.)

In Vuo 1.2.6, there will be a new node called Make Tree from Text that can parse JSON or XML. To pull in data from a web service that provides JSON- or XML-formatted data, you would use a Fetch Data node to download the data from the URL and pass it along to the Make Tree from Text node. (Feature request: Load structured data.)

If the data is in some other text format, another possibility would be download it with Fetch Data and pass it to the vuo.text nodes to process the text in some way.