Query scientific databases via OPeNDAP

The ability to query NetCDF files via a THREDDS server, using URL strings to query structured scientific data via OPeNDAP. This would open up Vuo for scientific visualisation development (my research area) and take it leaps and bounds beyond Quartz Composer.

Application scenario: Vuo composition as visualisation front-end for oceanographic data (NetCDF) on a (e.g.) THREDDS server, interaction via Leap and wand devices, 3d mouse, enabling tagging of data for subsequent computational routines in Python etc.

@pemo: Here’s a proposal for nodes for querying an OPeNDAP database and working with the results. What do you think?

Are there data schemas you’d like to visualize that aren’t covered by this proposal? If so, please provide some specific examples, like the OPeNDAP query URL (or some sample output if you don’t have a public server available), and an example of how you’d like it to be visualized?

@smokris: this looks fantastic and very flexible - thanks for the quick response (apols for my slow reply.) I’m still currently arranging access to a THREDDS server and working through data types I’ll be looking at, so I’ll have to get back to you later with some concrete examples (this may take a little while.) In the meantime I’ll promote this idea to colleagues.