Quicktime handling


A big concern for me, (and others I think ?) beyond playing Quicktime movies, will Vuo handle QC capture for the future video input node ?

For the moment with Wirecast, Quartz Composer and others QC based softwares I use hard like Matrox MXO2, Pinnacle and QC plugins like VideoGlide, Mobiola…
This way for some shows I use, in the same time, videocameras plugged with HDMI, old analog SD cameras, remote Smartphone…

I hope to do the same with Vuo…



We have a listing of inputs and outputs planned for Vuo in our FAQ on input/output interfaces. We’ll add Pinnacle to the list, and investigate VideoGlide and Mobiola. If you have more that aren’t listed, please let us know. If you want to move up integrating an interface, that could be a future feature request, when we get that part of the website up.