Random Color Cubes

Quite simple composition, but I still like it, hope you do so.

This shows a way to use the build list to create some randomly placed cubes, randomly colorized, randomly sized and randomly rotated.

It has a rotating camera around the scene too.

The whole thing is placed within a big unlit cube for the background color.

Random Color Cubes.vuo (11.6 KB)

Random Color Cubes.zip (7.18 MB)

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Full preview

Nice. Studying this, wondering how I could make each cube rotate as the entire scene rotates?

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@jersmi thanks !

I know how to rotate them individually using “Copy Object” but then I can’t set a different color for each of them.

I guess Allow changing single-value ports to accept lists (turn most nodes into iterators) will allow us that.

Composition attached.

A Rotation on Each Cube.png

A Rotation on Each Cube.vuo (10.1 KB)

A Rotation on Each Cube.vuo adds a Process List loop for the rotation and takes away the one for the colors. Maybe you could combine both the colors and rotations into the same Process List loop.