random translation


I’d like to make a randomly movement of a square. I connect “Make Random Value” to a “Make 2D Transform” nodes but it only moves on a diagonal line.
How to tell to the “Make 2D Transform” to create a real random movement ?
thanks in advance

you can try and use noise instead of random. it gives a pseudo random look.

maybe the reason your transform is moving only in one direction is because your only making a random value for the x axis and doing nothing on y. making a 2D point with two random values for x and y will give you more direction.

vjdoberman.vuo (3.86 KB)

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As @dust implied, you can get different types of movement depending on what node you use. The example composition Wander Image uses Make Gradient Noise to animate an object moving smoothly in 3D space.  

Also, just looking at the original post, Make Random Value can be changed to a 2D point where you can set the X/Y range.  

Hi all,
the 2 Make Random Value with Make 2D Point are exactly what I’m looking for :)
many thanks for your help !

glad that helped vjdoberman .