Reaction Diffusion With Some Mushrooms

A basic reaction diffusion animated using blur + sharpen + recursion + dilate (158 KB)


Wow thanks @Luiz_Andre!  

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Just had the time to try it out.

Amazing :fire:


thanks, guys. ;)
a cool thing is to use the mask of the blur node. You can fill it with the same input image or anything else. the result is much more organic.


Hi Luiz ! Thanks so much for this composition- seems a super useful technique for inserting transformations in feedback chain( thats my understanding of it ) With thanks to Huseyin Kuru Motus.Lumina I have the following variation that creates all sorts of nice noise patterns, it works well as an FXplug and attached patch version is set up as a generator. Attached quick capture of some of the noise patterns from within VUO- expect it to come alive in VDMX and other programs with sound. thanks again , Paul  

MushNoiseMesh EDIT.vuo (8.87 KB)


Hi Paul, amazing work. The time I was away I did some new cool things on this topic that I will post here soon.

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hi Luiz,
thanks - I look forward to seeing your new work
cheers Paul

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