Receive data from Art-Net use of nodes, node: List Art-Net Devices

Hi All,

I’m trying to receive data from either these options using ArtNet;

  1. The same computer via loopback IP

  2. Another computer sending data to the lan ip address both from a software application sending DMX data via ArtNet. The two computers are on the same lan.

I cannot see any devices listed like I can see listed on the ‘List Art-Net Devices’: Output Devices, like I have for the Input Devices, which shows the local output details from it’s self (shown below).

I was hoping both local (same mac) and separate computers, mac and pc would be listed as a source, same format as in the output from Vuo does.

What way the Art-Net Nodes should work together please?

In my case I would like to use either IP local or adapter without a hardware device. Only lan data and ArtNet DMX data.

I would to filter and extract as data values to be used for another processes.

I’ve not tried with a hardware device as then I would need two; 1x output / 1 x input.

Linked via ethernet.



Channel Channel

I also used another utility to test the Output from the software application. There was no detected source on the local ip but there was on the network adapter.


Sorry for the late response — did you already figure this out?

In case you haven’t, it might help to know that Vuo can receive Art-Net data from a device even if it isn’t shown by List Art-Net Devices. The Receive Art-Net Messages node in your composition screenshot would automatically receive from any Art-Net device that’s broadcasting on net 0, sub-net 0, universe 0. You can connect a Specify Art-Net Input node if you want to receive from other nets/sub-nets/universes (such as universe 1 shown in your last screenshot).