Receive Text through OSC

For subtitles to be triggered in QLab, I send an OSC String to Vuo.

The OSC message in QLab is: /text “Hello World”.

The Vuo composition is fairly simple:
osc.make.input >>> osc.receive2 >>> osc.filter.address >>> layer.make.text >>> layer.render.window

But then it says on the screen: /text [ Hello World ]

I could remove the OSC address with a text.replace, but is there an elegant way to get rid of the square brackets?


OSC_Subtitles_Text.vuo (3.33 KB)

Hi, I don’t use OSC, so never played with it, but what happens when you use a Get Message Values node ?

You can right-click on the “data 1” output port if needed and set it to your data type, read the node description in the node node library editor for more info.

If it’s text, using the Get Message Values node with a test text automatically removes the brackets for me (see joined composition file & screenshot) …


OSC_Subtitles_Text 1.2.vuo (2.8 KB)

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Ahhhhhhh thank you so much. Yes, I tried that but I was too stupid to realize that I have to right-click two times, first to “Revert to Generic Data Type” and then to “Set Data Type”.