Recording and colour.

Hi guys, Not sure if this is a bug or some setting I need to change but whenever I run a project and [start recording] the colours always render out slightly desaturated.
Does anyone else have this problem?

If you look at this image attached, on the left is the running comp, on the right is the saved render.
sorry its not like for like, but you should be able to spot the difference in magentas and blues.

Any ideas why this may be happening?
I’m running the latest Vuo on the latest MacBook Pro.


Realtime recording (File > Start Recording) uses the H.264 codec, which provides good efficiency but not 100% perfect color reproduction.

More movie recording settings for Composition Viewer would give the option for other codecs and compression settings.

File > Export > Movie and the Save Images/Frames to Movie nodes do provide these options.

Thanks for this, I definitely notice a better colour rendition when you export at 422, you just lose the ability to interact with the comp live using your mouse unless I’m mistaken.

And I’ve run out of votes :pensive:

You can choose ProRes 422 and interact live using Save Images to Movie. You’re correct that interaction is not possible with File > Export > Movie.

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