remember Editor size and position

remember the last Editors size and position when opening VUO again.

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

Nice – or Zoom to Fit?

@jersmi, what do you mean?

It’s more the Viewer window that I’m constantly having to move from my main external display to my MBP Display each time I restart the composition. Would love it if VUO could remember the Viewer position and window dimensions if there is no input to the Render to Window node stipulating where it must appear. My work around will be to build a sub-compostion that moves it over to the second window I suppose and keep inserting that in my comps, bit of a hack though.

Remembering Editor pan and zoom would be good too but less important than Viewer window positioning to me.

@useful_design, could you put that in a separate feature request? It’s not something we could easily work into this feature request since the editor’s window code and the composition’s window code are two completely different subsystems.

Yes… i would suggest saving position and size per composition… and/or an editable default size and position for new compositions

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For this feature request, we will include zoom and panning in the data that gets saved and restored.

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