Remix Corner [On Vuo Webpage]

Currently there are two forums on Vuo:

  • Discussions
  • Questions & Answers

I think it would be great to have a third forum that is intended for people to post Vuo Compositions for the community to use and remix! Rules of this Remix Corner would be that everything is open source, possibly if you wanted to use the composition in productions simply credit [Remix Corner]. It would be fun to see how everyone can contribute to lots of different experiments, adding their own ideas, etc. People could also share original artwork, videos with alpha etc.

The Remix Corner sounds pretty similar to the Composition Gallery. All compositions in the gallery include their source code (.vuo files). Anyone can remix them as long as they obey the license of each composition (attribution, non-commercial, etc.).

Is there some way that the Composition Gallery could be improved to better support remixing?

As far as sharing artwork, videos, etc. for remixing, maybe that would be better suited to existing sites tailored to that purpose, such as videopong.

Hey @jstrecker! My idea was to foster a great Vuo community of remixers and creators. I think that the exclusive point of remix corner would be for everything to have the same license- so everyone feels comfortable sharing without having to think about licenses.

@alexmitchellmus, we’ve decided to table this feature, with the goal of first getting a broader range of contributions to the Composition Gallery by more people before adding a separate area such as a Remix Corner for sharing compositions.

We did add a link on that shows only compositions whose licenses allow remixing.