Render data coming from a DHT sensor with arduino


im having issues rendering a list of parameters coming from a DHT sensor, simply put. How do i reformat the incoming data to render it in a normal way. the arduino sensor exports the data in this format. //Humidity: 66.00 % Temperature: 26.00 *C 78.80 *F Heat index: 27.15 *C 80.87 *F//. the data coming from the arduino updates every 2000 miliseconds, how to reformat the data in a way that i can see all the data coming from the sensor. it keeps giving me a random number every time. i have tried lists, split and cut text.

help anyone.



I’m no Arduino user at all. Never used it.

Don’t really know what you mean with “it keeps giving me a random value”.
Could you upload a screenshot of the composition and the port popup of what you got ?

If the Arduino send text or you can convert the data into text as shown below, you could split it as shown in the screenshot / composition (EDIT : Use Split Text Stream instead of Split Text as @jstrecker mentionned).
If the Arduino sends in a number value data and you want to retrieve text from it, sorry, then I don’t know.

You can also use a Hold Value node to slow down the rate at what to push the updated data in the composition if wanted.
Hope it helps but you may already know all this ;)


Split Arduino.vuo (2.19 KB)

Hi, @Pike.

As @Bodysoulspirit mentioned, it would help if you could post your Vuo composition.

When working with serial input, you should always use Split Text Stream to join the packets. The text fired from Receive Serial Data : Received Data is broken up into packets, which need to be joined back together with Split Text Stream. See File > Open Example > vuo.serial > Log Text from Serial Device.

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Wow. thanks for your replies.

let me try this thing the way you put it, and ill get back to you on this. i get the split text stream as it makes sense, but i think i have to edit the way the values come out of the arduino. ill post thew .vuo as soon as i make it work.

thanks for this.