Render smooth joints when using the "Make Line (Strip) Mesh" nodes

Would be great to have vertices connect smoothly at joints- predominantly for use in “make line mesh”.

Useful and needed if linemesh will eventually draw splines & curves.

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

Yeah options for chamfer (simple triangle fill) and radius (circular join like Adobe Illustrator Stroke Path tools) would be sweet. Those gaps stick out, like a lot, on thicker line meshes. Circular end points too would be nice to have.  

See this comment for visual examples of how Adobe Illustrator does it.

Why I need it:

View at full screen to see the joins, and check out 2013, ouch!  

I’m running into this same issue! If you don’t need partial opacity, it can almost be crudely patched by rendering dots on top of every joint (create points mesh), but the elements don’t layer nicely, and it doesn’t work for what’s supposed to be a connected transition.

Additionally, fixing this properly would benefit from improving the UV mapping (continuous across the entire line, not per-segment).