Replace .vuonode in the Node Gallery appends a _suffix to the node, which doesn't work in Vuo

Steps causing the bug to occur

Probably not really a bug, but just wanted to know the best way to avoid that and if something could be done.

When replacing a .vuonode in the Node Gallery, one removes the old one first, and replaces it with a new version with the same name.
Even if on the node page the name is the same, the Vuo website adds a prefix at the end of the .vuonode file (for example example.vuonode_1), a name change which you only see once you’ve downloaded the node on your computer, but that node with an appended name then doesn’t work anymore when placed in the Vuo Modules folder.

It does however still work when you change the name of a packaged .vuonode, but for simple nodes, what is the benefice of packaging it, if you don’t have any specific Library Modules and the node description is coded in the file ?

Anyway, what do you guys recommend ?

  • Always pack in a packaged file (extra steps) ?
  • Hardcode a number version before compiling ? (but I liked the idea of when moving the new version in the Modules folder, it would ask to replace the old one, preventing to keep multiple versions.
  • Another workaround is to always zip the new version of the node first before uploading, but since the Vuo website allows to upload .vuonode files I was tempted to choose the faster way :)
  • Or could the Vuo Website be prevented from appending that suffix ?

Have you found a workaround?

Package in a set, or zip the the node before uploading.

Other notes

  • Vuo version: 2.3.0
  • macOS version: macOS 10.13
  • CPU: x86_64
  • How severely does this bug affect you? Not much; I’m just letting you know about it. uses the Drupal content management system, and Drupal changes uploaded filenames as part of its security features. Since we have other protections in place, we don’t need that particular security feature, so we turned it off. Next time you upload a node, its filename should remain intact. We’ve marked this “Resolved.”