Replicator / Duplicator

Is there a node that has functionality comparable to the Replicator in Apple Motion? See screenshot for more details.

I create a lot of my visuals with it but want to switch to a live environment where the audio influences this

Apple Motion’s Replicator does a heck of a lot of different things. In Vuo the different things are split into different nodes, such as Copy 3D Object * and Tile 3D Object and Make Random Points Object and Arrange 3D Objects in Grid and Shuffle List and Change 3D Object Blending and Curve and Schedule and Make Random List (with Seed) and Make Gradient Noise and Make Points along Spline and Build/Process List. I haven’t checked if Vuo does literally everything Replicator does, but it does do much of the same.

If you’re thinking about buying Vuo and there are specific Motion features you want to make sure Vuo can duplicate, I’d recommend testing the free trial.

Thanks for the answer and sorry for the late reply. This is a once a week job for me atm.
This made me buy Vuo to experiment more and hopefully use it for my live performances.

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