Reset nodes' datatypes when copied in the Editor and cables are removed.

I often option drag say a Process List node and go to rewire it and it wont accept the cables. I am guessing* that this is something to do with the nodes auto-converting to the node variant particular input and output data type.

When nodes are locked to some datatype there could be some visual indication on the node, a symbol or something/anything. When copied nodes should revert to a state as a newly instanced node from the node library. Unless they’ve been copied with other nodes and still wired to these other nodes.

Please change the FR title to better reflect this request and the underlying issues if this FR is in fact relevant.

You can right click on any input that has been previously used for a specific data type and select “Revert to Generic Data Type” to make it able to accept different data types again.

Also if you left click on the input it will tell you in a pop-up window what type of data is currently assigned to it.

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Thanks Chris, discovered the popups but didn’t notice the Revert during the moments when I was pondering this.

I still think it’s a barrier to learning that copied nodes don’t revert to generic.

It’s hard enough with the opacity of some ports refusing to connect to others for no apparent reason for the novice user to have to throw in the wildcard of ‘maybe it should connect but you haven’t learn about datatype resetting’

We’re working on some usability improvements for generic ports in Vuo 1.3, particularly the process involved in changing from one data type to another. I think they might solve your problem, @useful_design. I’m tabling this feature request, and we can reevaluate it if needed after the improvements.

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Sounds good @jstrecker. I think these improvements will help ease the learning curve. It’s obvious why a port won’t take a wire when you know/remember about datatypes but not when you’re still messing around trying to learn the basics in Vuo.