RGB slider

Use graphic sliders to set RGB values.

The slider are a bit slippery when moved fast. Any fix?

Feel free to use.

sliderRGB.vuo (16.5 KB)

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I’m not sure what you mean by “slippery.” Try changing the event throttling behavior of the “Receive Mouse Drags on Layer” nodes’ output ports from “Drop Events” to “Enqueue Events.” (Right click on the output port to see the context menu item “Set Event Throttling”). That changed the sliders’ response a bit for me.

What I meant is that I get the response of the drag a bit delayed and not really smooth (seems to jump). Changing to the “Enqueue Events” gets rid of that response and makes it feel way better. Thanks!

Just to understand more…do you know which node was making the events to “slow” down and thus to be dropped?

Hey, @mutable. I may borrow your composition sometime when I need sliders — awesome :)

To answer your question about the slippery/delayed/jumpy drag — I ran your composition and looked at the popovers for the Render Layers to Window and Fire on Display Refresh Requested Frame ports. Both were dropping like 50-75% of events. When you have events being dropped, sometimes that’s because multiple triggers in the composition are battling with each other to get their events through. I think that’s what’s happening here.

It looks like your composition doesn’t really need that many events. The only moving parts are the sliders, which are animated by the events from the Received Mouse Drags on Layer nodes. So the events from the Requested Frame ports are just making the composition do a bunch of unnecessary work, which, if your CPU/GPU can’t handle it (mine couldn’t), end up clogging things up and causing events to be dropped.

After removing the cables from the Requested Frame ports (and replacing some with cables from Fire on Start), the composition runs a lot smoother for me. How about for you? Composition attached.

sliderRGB-mod.vuo (15.2 KB)

Hi. jstrecker. It does run a bit smoother, and the noding… like coding, but with nodes ;)… is more elegant. Way to go! Thanks for pointing to the popover for checking dropped events…is really good.

Please use anytime, this is way it is here… Long live open learning and knowledge sharing…