Rolling Average

I like parabox’s Average List. Would it be possible to add its rollIng average feature to Vuo’s Keep Average node? Is this something other Vuo users would find useful?

In my case, it would help make a node like Calculate Loudness is bit less “nervous”.

Hey @kewl, not sure what you mean with Calculate Loudness being a bit nervous.

When I use calculate loudness, and I want to make it smoother, I put the loudness output into a Smooth With Duration node for example. Loudness has a real type output, so you can smooth that, but it smooths over time (f.e. 0,1 second). Guess you already know that.

2016-11-24 15.16.47.png

If you want to smooth the list, I have never used Parabox his average list, I should perhaps test it. But if Average List helps you, how does it look to average the list of audio before you calculate its loudness ?

2016-11-24 15.21.42.png

Not that your idea of a rolling is bad, just want to make sure you would have tried everything that could help you until a feature would be implemented.

And there is that feature request that should allow to smooth lists : Iterate Nodes - Single Ports as Lists  

OK, I’m gonna try the Smooth With Duration node. Thanks.

By nervous, I mean the Calculate Loudness behavior is more akin to a peak meter than a VU meter, which typically averages over 300 ms.

I was able to get the behavior I was looking for by combining Average List and Smooth with Inertia. But Average List has its own idiosyncrasy that must be compensated at its output to stay in the same range of values as its input.

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One way to get a rolling average using Vuo’s built-in nodes currently is with Enqueue -> Average. Enqueue : Max Item Count would behave like Average List : Sample Size on the Parabox node.

Or a possible feature request (if you are so inclined) would be to add an input port to Average equivalent to Sample Size. It could default to “unlimited” to preserve the current behavior of the node.

Enqueue -> Average will do just fine, thanks!