Rotate an object in increments continuously


I would like to rotate a cube between 0 & 360 degrees but at increments of (for example) 45 degrees and have it animate between the values.

Currently I have a list with each increment, but when it goes from 360 back to 0 again it animates “backwards”. What I want is it to look like an endless loop so it goes back to the beginning seamlessly.

If I use a Curve node from 0 - 360 set to Loop it gives the desired continuous loop but not the incremental rotation.


Rotate.vuo (5.31 KB)

Mmm yeah because the “Smooth With Duration” node knows it is at 360°, then you feed it a 0°, and it hasn’t got a loop port, so it goes down from 360 to 0.
One workaround is to keep increasing 45° past 360.

Increment 1.1.vuo (3.9 KB)

@Bodysoulspirit that’s a super elegant solution, THANK YOU!

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