Rotate images in grid differently to each other?

Using align layers in grid, from a list of files. Similar to the DisplayGidOfImages example, but I want a “scrapbook” feel to the grid, with each image slightly randomly rotated. Is this possible? I plan on having an amount of files that is dynamic and too big to manually crete the layers in a practical way.

Nevermind, I got it with a bit of guidance from the wobbly egg example. “Cycle through List” can get a line from process item and choose a random number. Sweet.

However, some more alignment options in the grid would be geat. ie. I’m trying to get a slightly overlapped look, filling the frame as much as possible with the images, the automatic scaling seems to limit it to a certain amount of spacing.

Here’s a quick composition demonstrating one way to make a bunch of randomly-rotated layers that slightly overlap — just disable the Arrange Layers in Grid node’s “Scale to Fit” port, and choose an appropriate size for each individual layer.

grid-overlap.vuo (2.52 KB)