Rotating a Targeted Perspective Camera

Hello folks,

I’m looking to rotate the Targeted Perspective Camera around the Target. But there’s only an option to change the Position of the Target. Is there an alternative method using a normal perspective camera and adding a point constraint?


Hi @krezrock

I remember Steve answering this question somewhere but the site search got too many results to find that post.

If I understand you correctly you want the camera to rotate around the object and always look at the object ?
Then I think one method is to use “Calculate Sine” and cosine.

Composition joined, hope it helps.


Perspective Cam Rotate Around.vuo (4.79 KB)


Thank you for the explanation. I had a feeling this had been discussed before. I can see how this would also work if you attached the same chain to the target.

@krezrock yes.

I think instead of calculate cos and sine you can also use 2 “Wave” nodes for each the x & z values and set a phase of 0,25 for one of them.

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See above for the Answer to this question. Many thanks @bodysoulspirit