Same composition - different behaviour on M1 and M2

I get totally different output when I play the same composition on macbook M1 and Mac studio M2
Would anybody know why this is happening?
Thanks for any help

Is the first video the desired output? Could you post the composition .vuo files? Have you tried narrowing it down to see which nodes are causing the difference?

Yes, the first video would be the output. Im just doing quick try outs…its the Spike 3d object node in Mac studio M2 thats causing the glithes

with Spike 3d object on both the above videos were the result, when I take that node out, the output is the same

Thanks for narrowing down the problem to the Spike 3D Object node.

After investigating further, we’re thinking the behavior you’re seeing here is related to your previous bug report, which I have just renamed to remind us which comment in the thread we need to address. This is a longstanding bug where Spike 3D Object randomly scrambles the texture/material on the object. SpikeTest.vuo (2.8 KB) demonstrates the bug — if you command-click on the Fire on Start output port repeatedly, the output changes each time (at least on some computers). The same bug may lead to different random results on different hardware, like M1 and M2.

Unfortunately there’s not a good workaround at this time except for very specific situations (e.g. you can use Remove Texture Coordinates to produce a solid color or some of the Make Vertex Attribute Shader options to produce other patterns). We plan to fix the bug in Vuo 2.5.0.

Ok ,thanks. Yes, I remember submitting this bug few years ago when I was still on Intel mac book. Than on my M1 macbook it’s behaving fine, no glitches but strangely on M2 studio its back on.