Sample delay


I need to delay some audio by n amount of samples, or phase shift it. I tried the enqueue, but it seems to skip a lot of samples between enqueueing. Any tips?

Super happy to see someone else playing with audio in Vuo! I really do love a “one stop shop” solution, saves having to remember all the software you used for any given show- just save the file.

Anyway… Can you post your composition file so we can take a look? I would think that an audio delay node would be needed in order to make this work seamlessly…

Otherwise you will always be playing with full buffers (512 samples) so the smallest delay is 512 samples without a custom node.

Shoot, I suspected it was something like that. I don’t make sounds/music in Vuo though, it’s for a visual concept, but phase adjustment/delay is nevertheless a useful feature!

The audio part of the comp isn’t much to note otherwise, it’s just receiving live audio and splits it to two real lists, where I’d want one of them to be flipped.

Hey again @MartinusMagneson,

I tried it out, and delaying sound with an enqueue works fantastic, however as I stated before only at intervals of 512 samples.

Yup, I have managed to get it to delay, but not fine tune it to the samples needed. There might be a way to turn the numbers with a sine function (that might be a better phase adjustment solution), but haven’t figured out exactly how to do that.

Anything less than 512 (audio buffer) needs to be a custom node.