Scene : Make Triangle Strip & Fan Object

The built-in nodes already provide “Individual Triangles Object”, “Lines” and “Points”, these custom nodes are :

1 - Make Triangles Fan Object
2 - Make Triangle Strip Object

Feed the positions port 3D Points values.
I’m only really starting to code, so these nodes are experimental.

Put these .c modules in your Vuo Modules folder.
You can search the node library for these nodes by typing BSS.

License : MIT
Original code by ©Kosada Incorporated, released under MIT License, modified by Bodysoulspirit.
This code may be modified and distributed under the terms of the MIT License.
For more information, see (1.81 KB)

Audio Flat Circle (8.67 KB) (1.8 KB)

Loudness 3D (6.64 KB)

Archives - Version (3.07 KB)


Hey can you explain how the points should be ordered with these nodes? I had a look at the code and there’s no clues there. The triangles don’t arrange themselves like the native vuo make triangles object. All I can make with these are glitchy messes.

@video_piglet I have just uploaded 2 sample files above.

To know how to use these nodes, you must understand how Triangles Fan & Strip work … for which I struggle too :)
Browse google for more. Then, you need to feed the points accordingly (see joined comps, you need to play with the list nodes to interpolate & duplicate points according to the strip or fan mode).

Keep in mind that these nodes are experimental, I’m not a pro coder, just a hobbyist, so these don’t have nice textures mapping, so this will work with unlit colours or vertex colors, not real lightning.



These two compositions may help you too:

thanks so much for this i’ll take a look

Here’s a demo comp using Make Triangle Fan Object along with Make Parametric Points to generate 2D polygons. (Also shows how to set the center of a triangle fan using Insert List.)


Polygons-TriangleFan-gridShapes.vuo (13.4 KB)

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I’m not getting the expected result @jersmi


Hmm, that’s unexpected. I have no idea what that could be, didn’t encounter anything like it. The comp is not complicated (esp. compared to something like your texture mapping work…) I just opened it, works fine for me. Almost looks like the center of the object(s) got pulled into nan/inf space. Is the Make 3D point connected like in this pic of the comp?  

Yes the Make 3d point is connected but has outputs of 0.0.0

Weirdly the colour shader keeps losing it’s connecton though (bug?)

Well, here’s the same file zipped, maybe something got corrupted. (3.42 KB)

No, sadly same weirdness.

Also if you see my previous screenshot make point is not receiving any events.
I think the colour shader losing it’s connecton must be a bug.  

Yeah, I saw your post. I’ll venture some guesses – Make 3D Point is in the Build List loop, so the readout may not reflect what is there? You mean the color shader is losing its connection to the triangle fan object? Maybe try replacing Make Triangle Fan Object from your library?

Ahhaaa replacing the Make Triangle Fan Object fixed it all.

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@jersmi and @Scratchpole could you guys please upload the versions of these nodes you’re still having on your computers ?

At some point I updated those (version 1.0.1 now) and I didn’t make a backup of version 1.
I updated the file name of these to match Vuo’s recommendations (example.lowercaseUppercase.c).
For updated stock nodes the Vuo Editor handles that well, you can right click on old nodes and select the new one, for custom nodes with a little change in the case you have to manually delete the old node, and drag the new one from the gallery if I’m right, otherwise it crashes the Editor.

Anyway, at some point I tried to add mapping to these nodes (there now is a texture mapping port) but not sure they work, and for what type of shaders.

Joined is a simplified version of your Draw In Space Text Curve composition with the newer version of the node.

Please if you could upload here the older version I will add them up there as an history version file.

OffsetCurve Test (9.14 KB)

Here’s the make triangle strip I had in my user modules folder, I hadn’t installed the Triangle Fan until earlier this morning so don’t have the older version of that. (1.2 KB)

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Thanks @Scratchpole

Here are the nodes I am using. (2.27 KB)

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Thanks @jersmi !

Did not see the Polygons TriangleFan Grid Shapes comment & composition earlier. Well done.

For fun I tried recreating it with less nodes using a custom Make Points Along Circles node ;)


Polygons TriangleFan Grid Shapes (17.3 KB)

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