Search compositions for node titles, node classes, and constant values

Provide an easy way to find a particular node or value in a large composition.

In the main Vuo Editor window, provide a scope bar (like in When an item is selected, zoom and scroll the canvas to show the item, and select or highlight it. Provide next/previous buttons to jump from one search result to the next.

This is great! I would absolutely use this every day. If we also had the ability to add notes in the editor to the nodes (like in qc) then we could also search for notes only? (If you called different parts of the composition different names: loader - fx - render - feedback etc.). That would make it super simple to navigate!

I also like the way OS X and fcpx use metadata like this for search. So that would be nice to have.

This was released in Vuo 1.2.6.