Select List

Dear VUO Community,

I am trying to figure out how to “Select List”. For a composition I am outputting Artnet such that I’m working mostly with lists (not DMX colors in my case). The Select* Boxes do not support Lists as far as I can understand it. Is there a solution for this except 1) converting each single value to text 2) Append String 3) pipe the string through a Select* 4) Split Text again?


There aren’t yet any Select Input/Select Output/Select Latest nodes that support lists. What we (Team Vuo) want to do eventually is allow those generic input/output ports on Select nodes to be set to list types (like List of Text or List of Integer, as opposed to singular types like Text or Integer). We’ll aim to get either that, or else separate Select Input List/Select Output List/Select Latest List nodes, into an upcoming release (maybe 1.3?).

In the meantime, @lkaser, your workaround is helpful — thanks for pointing that out.