Send data from multiple outputs to 1 input.

Hi guys,

And an other question. I’m looking for a node that can route multiple outputs to one input on a first in first out way. The outputs never send data at the same time. So its a bit like “Select input” but where all inputs always send data through to the output. So all inputs are always “open”.

Like in this VERY basic example. Lets say you get 3 xy coordinates from 3 different places at different times. And i want where ever the data comes from to be past through to the rectangle position. I know i can build it with gates and nodes like “Changed” but there must be a one node solution i guess/hope?

thx in advance

If i understood well, sound like you’re looking for “Select latest” existing node.


Yes that looks like it! :pray::pray::pray: Would be even cooler if you don’t have just the 2 or 8 option but one with an input like lists have, that you can make longer. ;)

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