send windows to specific (one of multiple) monitors and then go fullscreen

Hi all ;-)

use case :- switching windows to fullscreen, when using 2 to 4 screens showing various bits of the composition on each, sometimes as one single canvas across all outputs… (using Mac mini + sonnet egpu, Mojave, Vuo 2.0beta2 <= but this issue appears to be the same in Vuo 1.2)

  • so the logic seems to be, for a window to go fullscreen on a specificitic monitor, it needs to already be positioned on that monitor AND be active (selected), - then it goes full screen on that monitor when it gets a fullscreen true property…

  • If the said window is not selected, and it receives a fullscreen property, then it jumps to the screen where there is an active window, and goes fullscreen on that monitor…

any thoughts on how best to deal with this?


System Preferences that might affect this:

  • Mission Control > When switching to an application, switch to a Space with open windows for the application

  • Mission Control > Displays have separate Spaces

We tested ShowWindowsOn2Screens with Vuo 2.0.0-beta2, with all 4 permutations of the above settings, and it works properly — each window goes fullscreen on a separate screen; no need to move each window to each screen first.

Can you share a composition that exhibits the problem, and share how you have those System Preferences settings set, and maybe include a video (probably using an iPhone camera would be the easiest way to record both screens)? That way we can get a better idea of how to diagnose the problem.

Thank you Jean Marie - I’m breaking free from my my max/msp mindedness, and seeing that vuo has simpler logic when patching multiple times (of sometimes varying data types) to a single node input-port. (select latest came to the rescue ;-)

I was moving (positioning) windows first, then going fullscreen
Using List screens and switching screen numbers per window seems like a better way. Here’s my (now old) method.
Sometimes in presentations I need the possibility to send any window to any screen, and then fullscreeing only that one… looks like I’ll be combining these two methods of doing that. - thnx - carlitos

screen_sjizz.vuo (7.85 KB)