Shadertoy probs

Dear Community,

I find the Shadertoy node very interesting but I definitely have some problems with most of the Shadertoy compositions.
They usually stay black although I use the workarounds here in the discussion board.

An example like this one, which I would really like to use: Shader - Shadertoy BETA
In the appendix is the Vuo composition with the noise texture.

Maybe someone from you can explain to me what else needs to be changed in the code?
Thank you very much for your effort in advance.


Clouds.vuo (6.53 KB)

RGBA Noise Medium.png

Hi, @Citizen-Caine. I see that you already applied the workarounds here. Beyond that, you can check for errors and warnings…

ERROR: 0:141: Identifier name 'gl_FragColor' cannot start with 'gl_'
ERROR: 0:141: Identifier name 'gl_FragCoord' cannot start with 'gl_'

These are fixed by deleting the mainVR function.

ERROR: 0:14: Invalid call of undeclared identifier 'textureLod'
ERROR: 0:25: Use of undeclared identifier 'rg'
ERROR: 0:25: Use of undeclared identifier 'rg'

These are because Vuo’s Shadertoy implementation doesn’t know the textureLod function. Unfortunately it doesn’t know the texelFetch function in the alternative branch either. Perhaps there’s some code you could substitute in to get equivalent behavior, though I don’t know what it would be.

My coworker suggested replacing textureLod with texture2D and then adjusting the input texture. The attached composition doesn’t get you all the way there (don’t know where the radial ripples are coming from), but maybe points you in the right direction.

Clouds_20180803.vuo (7.21 KB)

I was literally looking at this very same shader last week (wondering if we were on the same project for a moment :-o )The radialness is linked to the rg or the textureLod function I believe. I got some radial patterns playing around with some values at shadertoy at least.