Shortcut for "Fire Event"

There are shortcuts for Runing and Stoping compositions. (⌘R and ⌘.)
Its annoying to click with the mouse to fire event again. And Stoping and Running comp takes time.

So maybe ⌘F

Good idea, @emervark. We’re thinking of using ⌘T, since ⌘F is commonly used to Find (something we plan to implement in Vuo). This should be quick to add, so we’ll try to get it into one of the upcoming releases.

Work in progress.

In Vuo 1.1, we added the ⌘T shortcut key to re-fire the most recently manually-fired port.

I just put in a feature request for similar to this (“q” key fires all Fire at Start nodes), i didn’t realise this was already implemented.

Couldn’t it just be a key like “q”? Why command needed. Plenty of pro apps use naked key shortcuts and it’s not doing anything terminal like Quit or Stop.