Simple 3D Composition containing 3D box, Sphere with noise, Frosted Glass Shader and a Spotlight


Red Object Behind Frosted Glass.vuo (11.0 KB)

Hello! I try to create a dynamic/moving node based collage.
I hope you like it!
Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


This composition may be modified and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons: Attribution (CC BY) License.

noise wireframe noise 3d-shape


Thanks for sharing! Interesting Moire like effects from putting wireframe shader into Cube with materials!


Thank you for the feedback! Yes I was trying to deepen the effect of frosted glass shader to reach some kind of mirror effect but enden up with this :slight_smile:

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You can create a mirror effect by rendering the scene to an image, then using that image as a texture on an object in the same scene. A few years ago, @unicode shared some compositions that use that technique in a feedback loop — see Toroidal Multiverse for example.

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