Simple Video Player with Separate Interface Panel

Hi, until now Ive only scratched the surface of VUO possibilities getting carried away with using VUO to make generators to use in vj programs… SO apart from a couple of screensavers this is the first app for a particular need I , and perhaps others may sometimes have…Ideally it is great for live visuals to be part of the band and performed live with the band-with the subtle benefits of live human and audio responsiveness :) but I want a friends band to be able to use some video clips Ive made for them, when I cant be at their concert and so they might be able to trigger the clip they select at the start of each song along with whatever other synth etc patching they are doing before the start of each song. I ve simplified the start of this project and included three dummy movie clips-- the current concert has 7 tracks in it so its not a big deal to hard code (type in the actual song /clip names ) but I suspect learning and practising use of lists could enable automatic populating of menu labels from the given movies folder… Also I m thinking about adding a layer of simple subtle audio responsive automatic effects blended live over each clip and perhaps a mask layer with the name of the group and some sort of ornamental /dynamic border -frame that persists over the whole set… Hope that makes sense and may be of interest to others. So far Ive referred to the VUO “Play Movies in Folder” example composition and Jaymie’s “DIY Video Mixer.” composition and I need to look my my notes and generous examples from Motus.Lumina
Huseyin Kuru VUo workshop I attended last year. Would be interested to hear or see any others similar projects or changes to this started project. Best wishes Paul (7.12 MB) (24.8 MB)


Great Paul! Looking forward to seeing more apps from you!
Greetings from Istanbul!

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Thanks Motus Lumina Greetings to you too–from Lockwood Australia