Simulating a Movie Projector in 3D Space

I am curious if it is possible to project a video file onto 3D objects in a scene, so if one cube moves in front of the receiving wall, a shadow would appear on the wall and part of the projection onto the cube? I was going to just point a light at the wall sprite, but thought any atmospheric lighting to brighten the rest of the scene would undo the shadow interactivity I’m looking for here.

This picture from Unity is in a nutshell what I’d like to replicate in Vuo. My searches keep pointing me towards projection mapping tutorials instead so I’m a little lost on this, appreciate any insight!


I don’t know of any way to do this currently.

For the cube to cast a shadow, we (Team Vuo) would first need to implement shadows.

For a simulated movie projector that projects the video as a light, you would need another feature that doesn’t yet exist: the ability to mask a spotlight with an image. You’re welcome to put in a feature request.

You can display a video on the surface of a 3D object already (see File > Open Example > Video > Play Movie and Camera on Cube), and you can project a solid-color spotlight onto a surface (File > Open Example > Scene > Compare Lights), but you can’t yet project the video with a spotlight.

Hey thanks for your response. It sounds like I was able to make something similar over in Quartz Composer (Thin sprite with video/film effect, with light patch causing shadows on the screen when interrupted). I’ll tinker with it in Vuo and likely vote for that feature in the meantime, thanks!