`Smooth 3D Object` node

Currently Vuo has a node called Facet 3D Object which changes the normals of each triangular face of an object, creating a sharp edge as opposed to a smooth edge on smooth 3D Models.

I would like to do the inverse, smooth out sharp 3D Objects, including simple 3D Objects such as boxes etc.

It would be great if the node could also have a smooth amount parameter, so that we can change how much the object is effected.

Opened for voting.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but which feature request is to vote for between this feature request here (Smooth 3D Object), and Alexander’s other feature request to subdivide vertices (Subdivide 3D Object).

I’m thinking about having let’s say a sphere of 12 rows and columns, which feature request to vote for so that the sphere appears rounder, but also what is the best for live visualisations, which is less ressource intensive.

I’m thinking Blender and the Subdivision Surface Modifier based on OpenSubdiv (Apache License).


To smooth over those corners on a sphere, the most straightforward option (already existing in Vuo) would be to create the sphere with more rows and columns (Make Sphere) or subdivisions (Make Icosphere).

The proposed Subdivide 3D Object node would increase the number of vertices, but not as efficiently as creating the sphere with more vertices to begin with.

The proposed Smooth 3D Object node wouldn’t have any effect on Make Sphere, since the sphere is already created with the smoothest possible normals.

If you wanted an alternative to generating more vertices, then instead of using 3D scene nodes, you could write a custom GLSL shader like this one that draws a sphere.

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3D modeling / rendering apps have a smoothing option. If you have a look at blender, it has a modifier using Open Sub-divide which has options for simple subdivision, or smooth subdivision.

Normally a base model is animated, and then subdivision is used to smooth.

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