SMPTE timecode


Is there a way to send out a SMPTI timecode signal from vuo? I looked but cant find anything about it.
Should be just like a clock right?

Thx in advance


Well, it’s not quite that simple. The SMPTE timecode itself is just a number (containing the hours, minutes, seconds, and frame/sample count). But that number has to be encoded in some kind of signal that the receiving A/V equipment knows how to use (audio, video, or MIDI).

This article gives a little background on SMPTE and suggests a way that you might be able to send LTC SMPTE from Vuo. Use the LTC Two web app to generate a wav file. Then play the wav file in Vuo (see File > Open Example > Audio > Play Audio File).

For generating and encoding the SMPTE timecode within Vuo, there’s an open feature request for one method: MIDI Clock / MTC.

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THX this helps… not exactly what i was looking for but this is a nice work-a-round. thank you!