Spend more votes, or wait for update ?

Hi Vuo Team ;)

Quick question, does it make sense to spend more votes right now for the next version of Vuo or have you already selected some stuff to implement and we should better wait for the updated Feature Request page with “Chosen be implemented notes” ?
Any idea when you will update the request page regarding planned stuff ?

Or will the next version of Vuo be more under the hood changes, GPU, Metal, Apple Silicon etc ?

I mean, I just wouldn’t like to spend votes on things you actually already plan to implement :)


Our Feature Request page is up-to-date. Our next release will support macOS 11, Big Sur. We are planning the switch from OpenGL to Metal, and to support ARM devices, as applicable. While accomplishing those larger tasks, we will see if we can fit in some smaller feature requests. We do appreciate comments and votes on Feature Requests, as it helps us understand our community better, and helps us in our planning.

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