Sphere inside material


in the attached comp I created a rotating sphere whose material is a cloud of words.
My wish is to move the camera inside the sphere, watching the sfere from there.
As soon as i put Z axis less than 0,5 in Make Perspective Camera position I assume I’m moving inside the sphere, but nothing is shown. I assume that material is rendered just outside the sphere, not inside.
How could I accomplish my task? Is there an easy way to render the image also inside, not just outside the sphere? Is “Warp Image with Projection Mesh” node something useful for my task?



sfera.vuo (7.75 KB)

to get your sphere to render I used the show back of 3D object node to display the sphere.

which gives this result.

to go inside the sphere I just changed the scale of the sphere to be [2,2,2] inside the** make 3D transform** node. you can certainly fiddle with the camera if you want to zoom in with that instead.

sferaShowBack.vuo (8.01 KB)


Show back of 3D object is your friend there :)
ahahaa Dust beat me to it by seconds.  

here setting the camera z position to zero will get you inside the sphere with the camera. depending on the size of the sphere will depend on how much you can zoom in and still see the text. with the size of the sphere at [1,1,1] you will be able to zoom negative z on your camera but only to like negative -0.3 any farther than that you will zoom past the sphere and be in all black space. that’s probably what you are doing. if your sphere is size [2,2,2] you can probably zoom [0,0,-0.8] and still keep the text on screen. [0,0,0] will put you in the center of the sphere.

sferaZoomCamera.vuo (8 KB)

Supereasy! Thank you both.

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You can also adjust the camera clipping planes if things are getting culled

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