Start list index at 0 as opposed to 1

Currently list indices start at 1, as opposed to 0 which is the programatic standard. Can we standardise on 0- or at least make it clearly documented in the Vuo Editor that indices start at 1?

@alexmitchellmus, in our experience, 0-based indexing makes sense to some text programmers, and 1-based indexing makes sense to everyone else We decided to standardize 1-based lists to improve usability for non-programmers. (And even some text programming languages use 1-based indexing, such as Lua, MATLAB, Mathematica, and Smalltalk.)

Currently the documentation for nodes where the index value is relevant — such as Get Item from List, Cut List, Insert in List, Build List, and Select Input — already mentions that index 1 is the first item. Do you see other places where it would make sense to mention that?

@alexmitchellmus, any thoughts?

Personally I would prefer 0, only because of the fact that within C nodes C functions also index at 0. However considering that there are so many Vuo tools with 1 indexing even within the API, I think that it is not a priority. Also as you mention all of the other professional packages which use 1 as opposed to 0, it looks like there is no real right way. I have now gotten used to it, or at least questioning my usage of 0 or 1 indexes. Based on such a wide variety of styles its probably the best way to double check that the first index is in-fact 0 or 1.

OK, closing this feature request.