Subcomposition not returning expected output.

Hi folks…

Wondering if I’ve found a bug or (more likely) I’m doing something wrong here?

I have a subcomposition that, basically when triggered counts from 0 to 1 and back again. within the sub-comp itself I can see the value incrementing and decrementing but on the other side back out in the main comp the value being received is just switching from 0 to 1, no values in-between. Perhaps a quick screen recording will explain better:


I’ve made sure all the ports are set to ‘real’ type, but apart from that I’m out of ideas trying to work out what the problem is here. Any pointers would be most appreciated…

fwiw I’m running Vuo 2.4.3 on macOS Sonoma 14.3.


Just a guess without seeing the full subcomposition, but is there a node with a trigger port inside the subcomposition, and if you click on the trigger port, does it say “Events from this trigger are blocked from exiting the composition”?

If so, see the manual section Events out of a subcomposition starting with “If events fired from within the subcomposition can overlap with events from the published input ports…”

You are 100% correct @jstrecker - that is what was happening, and thanks for the pointer to the explanation. I think I see that what I need to do is move the FirePeriodically function outside of the subcompostion somehow. Create another input port that takes DisplayRefreshed events and feed it to Allow Periodic Events. instead I think I suspect that’ll work… if I’m understanding the issue correctly… I shall check. Thanks!

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