SVG & PDF import

I would like to be able to import and use SVGs and PDFs in a similar as using Fetch Image.


I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

This would be great !

And a way to access the vector points as a list or something !

You can already access .svg paths as it basically is an xml file. I’m poking around to see if I can make a sane solution to extract the paths to something useful in Vuo. When that is said, actual .svg manipulation would be nice to have, as I expect shapes, curves and such will be tedious to do with the existing nodes.

If you feel like poking around, use a ‘fetch xml tree’ node and drag a .svg file to the URL port. Dragging the file into Vuo won’t help as it isn’t a recognized filetype, but the node will be able to read it. From here, use ‘Get Tree Attribute’ directly with attribute set to “viewBox” (case sensitive) to get the canvas size. Also connect a ‘Find Subtrees with Name’, Name set to “path”, send this to ‘Get Item from List’. From that one, connect a ‘Get Tree Attribute’ with Attribute set to “d”, and then you will have one of the paths. The paths is selected by the ‘Get Item from List’ node.


The Kineme PDF Import patch was pretty useful to me for exporting multipage PDF files in Adobe Illustrator and bringing those images into a QC composition. I could adjust multiple pages and just save once and the comp would update with a restart. Being able to set the rendering dimensions or one of them and let aspect ratio work out the other would be good.

I just had a look at Magneson’s SVG to XML approach, it’s a bust for me (or would take a lot more work and I can’t imagine it amounting to anything except an experiment). SVG’s parameters for paths include move (M) and curve (C – provides 6 parameters per point for cubic bezier curve).  

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+1 for importing SVG!  


Hi Vuo Team ;)

I’m having some questions regarding this :

1 - Will this be like a new Render To X thing ? I mean, a new port type ?

Once a vector is loaded, how will we output it ? Will we have a Render Vectors to Window node ? That would be great I guess. And will there be converting to nodes if we wanted to add vector stuff into let’s say a Scene or Layer renderer ?

2 - What will we be able to access from the Vectors. Or what will we be able to manipulate ?

3 - Will animated SVG be a thing ? For example SVG’s exported with SVGator ? See example below ;) (SVG from



Still hope for an answer from the team to latest question :pray:

In the time since this feature was first requested, we’ve added the Make Image from Web Page node, which can render SVG and PDF files to images.

So for this feature request, I think we’d want to tie it in with vector paths. The proposed node could input an SVG/PDF file (or source code) and output a vector path, which would be a new data type.

For this to be useful, there would need to be a Render Vector Path to Image node. So we would have to implement that as part of this feature request if it didn’t already exist.

The new data type for vector paths would open up the possibility of other nodes for building and manipulating vector paths. Those nodes could be added in the same release as or sometime after the SVG/PDF import feature.

We would most likely be using some open-source library to implement SVG/PDF import. For animated SVGs, we’d have to see if the library supported that out of the box — in which case we could include it in this feature request — or if it would take additional work to implement — so a separate feature request.