Synapse, Max Passthrough, Vuo setup

Hi there,

I have been working on an audiovisual dance performance in Quarz Composer for a while using my Kinect to track the joint positions of the dancer. I have understood that the Max Passthough patch sends OSC messagges on port 12347, for some reason though osc receive in vuo wont get any messagges from this port. I would love to use vuo for my future projects and would appreciate any help on sorting this problem. Also is there any vuo object like the qcOSC that lists me all incoming messagges with appropriate output or do I have to split all incoming OSC messagges individual by names with filter OSC? Would appreciate any help. Greetings from Spain


@boomshokka, do you have any questions beyond OSC is not receiving from anywhere?

Hi Jaymie. Sorry for double posting. My question was answered in the link postet. Thank you so much.