System time

Even in its current state I’m seeing vuo as a nice way to deploy simple scheduled movie player apps for things like public info displays/signage. Any ideas on how to (or when) we can get the system time parameters into Vuo standalone apps?

But I suppose you’d also need options like “fullscreen on startup” etc for the standalone’s.

@blackburst, could you submit a separate Feature Request for “fullscreen on startup”?

@blackburst: We’re planning to add some system time nodes in Vuo 0.5.7. Check out what we produce then, and let us know if you have further suggestions. This got bumped due to other priorities. More news soon.  


We now have this scheduled for Vuo 1.5 Vuo 1.2.  

Work in progress.

For those who can’t wait the Vuo 1.2 time nodes, @khenkel its “New Years Countdown” composition includes a date & time node.

See here :

And he released the composition under MIT License ;)

We added a set of date/time nodes in Vuo 1.2.