Tab between input editors (was: Inspector Window)

Is a Inspector window in the pipeline that would allow us to select a object and enter values.

For example with the Make 3D point node i have to clikc on each port individually to change the values. Would be great to have a inspector window so you could quickly tab through the values and adjust them.


0.9!! Sometime in 2015. Seems like a feature you would want to get in there early.

It makes working on patches much slower having to click each box.

Looking forward to the feature requests.

What if, instead of an inspector window, you could just press Tab or Shift Tab to navigate to the next/previous port on a node?

That’s something we could conceivably do much sooner.  

That option could help speed things up. Would be great if it got added sooner than 2015

OK, we’ve scheduled tabbing-between-input-editors to be part of Vuo 0.5.7 Vuo 0.6.0, coming up in a few weeks.

(Edit: We decided to rename the 0.5.7 release to 0.6.0.)  

@destroythings: In Vuo 0.6.0, you can now tab from one port to the next, and change multiple port values without having to double-click so much.