text field fixed width - or max character count...?

Hi all,

For a kiosk app, I’m using a bunch of text fields to gather user info and comments - to later display them together with related images and videos…

I’m running into a problem that I can not set a maximum number of characters for the text fields, nor a maximum fixed width to display the text field (because it grows wider when more text is added than fits in the field).

Been trying workarounds by masking off the text fields with rectangles to hide the overflow… (not ideal)
Was also thinking of counting the number characters typed - and displaying a warning when max length is exceeded, still, this doesn’t stop the user from doing so…
A disable/enable the text filed when max character number is reached would be ideal.

Any suggestions?
As always - mega grateful for any help

  • Carlitos


Yes, it is possible to limit the text field length if you use Receive Keyboard Typing in conjunction with Make Text Field. The downside is that this configuration is less flexible than Make Text Field by itself when you are making changes. I’m sure there are several ways to do this, but the attached composition makes the most sense to me.

When making changes, this composition works correctly only by backspacing (deleting) from the end of the entered text field.

limit-text-field-characters.vuo (5.35 KB)

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