👏 Thanks for 2.2!

Big thanks to the Vuo team for 2.2 :partying_face:

The Open and Save functionality, as well as Text Field nodes etc. makes it possible to make small custom applications much, much easier.
I’m currently building something that I hope to sign properly so that I can sell it, maybe even on the App Store. [Would love to hear from anyone on that topic.]

Again, a big thanks Vuo team :trophy:

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I’m not skilled enough to know if one can already code sign an app made with Vuo afterwards, without Vuo.
I’m waiting for code-signing and notarisation for apps & screensavers too, even more now with macOS being always more intransigent.

Regarding the App Store part, Jaymie commented some words about that on the Feature Request : Code sign and notarize exported apps :

In 2014, we manually modified an app exported from Vuo, including code-signing it, to see if we could submit it to the Mac App Store. At that time, Apple apparently was OK with the technical nature of the app. They rejected the app, but not on technical grounds, just because it was a simple example that didn’t do a whole lot. While I can’t guarantee that Apple would accept a Vuo exported app now, I don’t know of any rules prohibiting it.  

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+1 for this! Totally super stoked for the new nodes! Streak Image & Add Analog Image Distortion are so sick + means I can pretty much ditch QC altogether!


Used 2.2 for the first time today, text input UI items, EXCELLENT! Been waiting so long for that.

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