System or composition time node please.
Needed for absolute or relative timing of events, or even recording user events playing X for N seconds, and for delayed responses.


Please check out bLackburst’s feature request. Vuo also has a “Measure Time” node. Could you please let us know what else you need to capture relative timing of events? Thanks!  

Also, in Vuo, note that the equivalent of QC’s “Patch Time” is the requestedFrame output on the Render Scene/Layers/Image to Window nodes — in Vuo, there isn’t a single composition-wide notion of time; time is treated as a data variable like everything else.

System time would be cool yeah.
System date and time …

For example for this Apple Watch Face Composition that could make a great screensaver :)

→ EDIT: Sorry had not seen this was already work in progress for Vuo 1.5 as mentioned by Smokris in this post by Blackburst : https://community.vuo.org/t/-/4572


Haven’t heard back, so I’m marking this duplicate of the System time feature request.