Im noticing my patches get messy very quickly with Fire on Start and Fire periodically noodles going everywhere.

Would it not be better to be able to just right click on the port to select the preferred execution mode.

Most patches i am making i’m adding Fire On Display Refresh to any nodes whose parameters i want to manipulate in real time so my comps are looking very disorganised and it can quickly get confusing.

New in 1.0 is the ability to hide cables, that could help give things a cleaner feel. Just right click a port and select the “Hide Cable” item.


Reducing the number of event sources in your composition will make it more efficient. An event-only cable out of a “Requested Frame” port will provide events at your computer’s refresh rate. You can then send that cable to one or more “Share Value” nodes and use an event-only cable or cables to send it onward from that node. You can think of the cable to the “Share Value” node as a trunk line.

Then, as Karl said, you can hide those trunk and branch cables.