Translation widget — "Select Language" option at top of page with automated translation

For those of you whose primary language is not English, would a translation widget make it easier to browse

Or do you already have a convenient way to translate text in your browser?

The widget would use an automated translator like Google Translate. Here is roughly how it might look (source), but with different styling and different language options —


Personally although I still make many mistakes in english, I get the feeling I can understand most conversations and people usually seem to understand me.

So far what is already possible is either paste the website url to Google translate or use browser extensions (Translate Safari Extension, Chrome Traduction Extension)
Although the Safari extension seem to use both Microsoft and Google translate.

But I just tried to translate using Google and I must say I was pretty blown away, some years back this returned a complete nonsense you could use to write a funny book, now it’s a really decent conversion, at least from english to french.

So it’s just my opinion since you asked, but if some people need it, why not ! ;)

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OK, we added a Google Translate widget.