Troubleshooting Tools: Slow down composition & Event and info logging

While I use “Show Events” and it’s helpful there are situations where it isn’t enough to track what is happening in a composition. Sometimes I run across situations where I see a momentary glitch or frame of something, and it’s so brief that it’s hard to determine what is actually happening, which can make troubleshooting the cause very difficult. I am proposing two tools:

  1. A button to slowdown the playback of the composition by given factor, making it easier to analyze those momentary glitches that are too fast for the human eye too fully see.
  2. Some kind of live logging tool that can be turned on to record events and port information as it travels through your composition, optimally it could be controlled by only recording information on detached port popovers.

Thanks for the suggestion, @cwilms-loyalist. I’ve opened it for community voting.

Just to note the state of things now, some nodes that I’ve found helpful for troubleshooting momentary glitches or otherwise just slowing things down are Record and Play Values, Allow Periodic Events, Display Console Window, and Save Data. The existing system-wide debugging tools — Show Events mode and port popovers — would become more powerful if complemented by the additional tools you’re proposing.